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Funding research into stammering

Dom’s Fund aims to fund research
into the causes and treatment of
stammering and to develop
effective support for people
who stammer and their families.

We also seek to raise awareness
of the issues around stammering.

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The Dominic Barker Trust, or Dom’s Fund, was set up in 1997 in memory of Dominic, who had a persistent stammer and who took his own life in 1994, aged 26.  Fluent speech is something that most of us are able to take for granted. Those who stutter or stammer, however, expend huge amounts of unseen energy on struggling to communicate, thinking ahead to avoid problem words and feeling the pressure to get their words out before the listener either jumps in to rescue them, or turns away. People who stutter often experience not only frustration and isolation but also discrimination at all sorts of levels. Through our funding, we enable research into the causes and treatments of stammering, and we support the clinical work of Speech and Language Therapists and practical research at ground level. We also support local and national initiatives to reduce the shame, prejudice and ignorance around stuttering.

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